Our Story

How Popoki Pajamas got started...

Aloha! I’m Michelle, mom of two amazing neurodivergent kiddos and founder of Popoki Pajamas.

Does your child have high sensory feeling? Popoki Pajamas are designed by a mom who understands the struggle. My kids need extra patience and love when it comes to the feeling of clothing, too.
It was trial and error for many years, trying to help them feel comfortable. When I couldn't find anything that was exactly what they needed, I decided to create it myself.
I have combined the cooling and calming feeling of our custom-milled bamboo fabric with an easy pull on style, tagless pajama that even the most high sensory kiddos, will approve of.
Whether you're a brand new parent, or have been one for years, I want to share Popoki Pajamas with you. All kids (and parents) deserve a good nights rest.

My hope is that the dedication to every detail I’ve put into Popoki Pajamas, is appreciated for many years, by you and your children. 

Mahalo for your support,