Canvas Coloring Cloth -ABC Animals Washable Reusable
Canvas Coloring Cloth -ABC Animals Washable Reusable
Canvas Coloring Cloth -ABC Animals Washable Reusable
Canvas Coloring Cloth -ABC Animals Washable Reusable
Canvas Coloring Cloth -ABC Animals Washable Reusable
Canvas Coloring Cloth -ABC Animals Washable Reusable
Canvas Coloring Cloth -ABC Animals Washable Reusable

Canvas Coloring Cloth -ABC Animals Washable Reusable

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  • ★ EXCLUSIVE ARTWORK : All animal artwork designs are hand drawn exclusively for Popoki by our talented young adult artist. Let your kids unleash their creativity with this safe and fun coloring cloth! 100% canvas cloth that your kids can color on time and time again! Easy to fold up and take on the go! 
  • ★ 100% COTTON CANVAS: The coloring cloth is made out of 100% cotton canvas. The cloth can be used with any washable type of coloring tools, so your kids can get creative. A great alternative to screen time!
  • ★ ZIPPER CARRY POUCH: Keep everything together in one place with our exclusively designed zipper pouch. The cloth fits securely inside, along with markers and crayons. Easy to pack up and take on the go, or fold and put away for use later on!
  • ★ WASHABLE REUSABLE: The Popoki coloring cloth is washable and reusable! Keep your kids entertained while eliminating the need for disposable coloring books or pages and pages of blank paper. Simply use, wash and hang to dry, and use again! Protecting the environment one cloth at a time.
  • ★ SAFE & FUN FOR EVERYONE: The Popoki coloring cloth is hours of fun for people of all ages! Whether you're a toddler just learning how to color or an adult who loves to relax with a good coloring session, this cloth is perfect for you. Plus, it's safe and non-toxic, so you can feel good about letting your kids use it.

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Customer Reviews

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So much fun!


This is so cute for little ones to sit down and enjoy arts but also learning. I grabbed some washable markers which if you color several times it shows up bright and beautiful. I grabbed the twistsble crayons which do show up, but they are fairly light. I would stick with the bright color markers for future. Basic crayons also work, just very light. It comes with a perfectly sized canvas bag for storage, which I have popped his pip-squeaks markers in with the large mat. This would also be very nice hung up on the wall for them to color standing. We love this!
Great price!
And very high quality! <3


Such a wonderful idea, and the kids love it!

Elena F.
Super cute and a great activity for my toddler

I love this product so much!! It's great quality and a fun activity all around.